December 6, 2022

Volume XII, Number 340

Edge Legal Marketing

About Us

From startups to global operations, companies trust Edge to build strong relationships with media, event and association stakeholders and to convey their story strategically to the legal market. Edge delivers tenacity. Whether a company wants to introduce itself to legal reporters and analyst firms or increase its brand awareness in a new market segment or to the industry as a whole, Edge has the skills and depth to be a trusted advisor. Edge is an expert at filling the lead pipeline, helping pull prospects through the sales funnel via marketing and public relations tactics and building loyal advocates and followers. Edge leverages traditional and new strategies to achieve goals that will hit the bottom line. Edge is the largest and most experienced full-service legal marketing and public relations agency.

Edge Legal Marketing offers unparalleled knowledge and expertise to help companies targeting the legal profession achieve their marketing and public relations objectives. From strategy development through tactical execution, we leverage our long-term professional experience to create and deliver a custom program based on your company’s challenges and goals.

Contributing authors from Edge Legal Marketing :

Leslie Garrett, MBA Edge Legal Marketing
Leslie Garrett, MBA has fifteen years of marketing, PR, and account management experience. She is an employee of Edge Marketing, serving as Senior Account Manager with expertise in Search...
Amy Juers, Edge Legal Marketing, CEO, MBA
On a daily basis Amy enjoys sharing her 20+ years of strategic marketing and public relations insight with her team and clients from all over the world. Often lighthearted and, when...