June 27, 2022

Volume XII, Number 178


Great Legal Marketing, Inc.

Attorney marketing guru and practicing attorney Ben Glass is the owner of Great Legal Marketing  and has developed the Ultimate Solo and Small Firm Marketing and Practice Building System that is being used by attorneys across the United States and in Canada. His coaching and mastermind group members are turning ordinary practices into extraordinary, lifestyle-improving businesses through the application of ideas not typically found in most attorney marketing materials and NEVER understood by the "marketing vultures" selling you the Yellow Page ads, garbage websites, and TV ads. You can also learn more about his law firm at BenGlassLaw.com.


Contributing authors from Great Legal Marketing, Inc.:

Benjamin W. Glass, Great Legal Marketing, Attorney
Benjamin W. Glass, III is a nationally recognized board certified personal injury, medical malpractice and disability insurance attorney in Fairfax, Virginia.  He graduated from George...
Gerry is a practicing NY Medical Malpractice & Personal Injury Attorney in one of the most competitive markets in the Country. He is the author of “Secrets of Lawyer Video Marketing in...