December 6, 2022

Volume XII, Number 340

Penn State & The Dickinson School of Law

The Dickinson School of Law was founded in 1834 in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, as a private, independent law school. For the next 166 years, through 2000, it remained “proud and independent” and enjoyed a remarkable history of producing leaders of the bar, the judiciary, the Commonwealth, and the nation. In 2000, the Law School merged with one of the world’s great research universities, Penn State University, in an effort to better position itself for the highly competitive, multidisciplinary academic environment of the 21st century. The merger has been a great success: the Law School has established a beautiful new, technologically sophisticated campus on Penn State’s flagship campus in University Park, Pennsylvania; several of the world’s top legal scholars and clinicians have joined the Law School’s faculty; Penn State Law students enjoy a wealth of joint degree and other interdisciplinary opportunities with all of Penn State’s top-ranked graduate programs; the Law School and Penn State’s School of International Affairs have created an exceptionally rich international curriculum unmatched elsewhere; and, the diversity and academic credentials of the student body have skyrocketed, along with the Law School’s national reputation and rank.

Contributing authors from Penn State & The Dickinson School of Law:

Matthew R. Hracho, Law Student
Matthew R. Hracho is a second-year law student at the Dickinson School of Law. At Dickinson, he is an associate editor of the Penn State Law Review and an active participant in intramural...

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