September 27, 2022

Volume XII, Number 270

Risk Worldwide

Risk Worldwide LLC is a consulting company employing highly skilled and trained individuals who have decades of experience successfully counseling corporate and sophisticated policyholders, brokers and their legal counsel on asset protection, disaster response and insurance recovery. Risk Worldwide’s access to talent is unique by including lawyers, MBAs, LLMs and CPAs, many of whom have worked for, or routinely done business with, the insurance industry. As risks continue to evolve, resulting in financial and legal ramifications to individual assets, corporations and their officers and directors, Risk Worldwide works to resolve the adverse effects created by unknown or unsupported risk.

Contributing authors from Risk Worldwide:

Joel Goldblatt, Risk Worldwide, Insurance attorney
Joel N. Goldblatt is a founding member of Risk Worldwide. In this capacity Mr. Goldblatt has reviewed the processes, structures and agreements of for profit companies, not for profit...