3 Ways to Attract Loyal Clients to Your Law Firm
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Wednesday, September 8, 2021
Tips for Attracting Loyal Law Firm Clients

If you want to attract loyal clients to your law firm, you need to showcase the value and services your firm can offer beyond the matter at hand. This means that just because a client came to you for a labor and employment matter, you should highlight other areas you specialize in like, immigration services. The idea is to become a one-stop shop for your client so they always think of you when it comes to their legal needs.

Reshape the conversation

As a lawyer, your job is to assess your client’s needs and give them an idea of what you can deliver for them. Good or bad, it’s important to outline the scope of work. During this discovery conversation, you may find that your client’s needs require more components of the services you offer. Without sounding like a salesperson, you can identify why you believe your client would benefit from considering these additional services and how your expertise can satisfy them.

Listening to your client and suggesting related services that protect their best interest, instead of pushing things they don’t need, will benefit your attorney-client relationship in the long run.

Break your clients matter down into digestible pieces

Legal jargon can quickly confuse and frustrate clients. Especially, if you’re telling them that they need additional services to accomplish their goals. An easy way to break down a client’s needs into laymen’s terms is to use the car example. You didn’t just buy a car. Along with the car comes vehicle registration, insurance, taxes, maintenance, gas, tires, repairs, and the list goes on. The same scenario goes for some legal services.

Imagine that you’re a corporate attorney. Your clients need your help to incorporate a new business; you’ve set up a new C corp or LLC on your client’s behalf. What they don’t know is that they’ll also need your guidance on:

  • Registering a DBA

  • Applying for an EIN

  • Designating a registered agent

  • Setting up business bank accounts

  • Apply for LLC “pass-through” tax treatment

  • Create a compliance plan to maintain compliance

  • Obtaining the proper permits and licenses

  • Asset protection planning

  • Intellectual property applications

  • Drafting agreements (e.g., operating, partnership, manufacturing, service agreements)

  • Obtaining business financing

  • Choosing an accountant

  • Purchase insurance

This list of solutions will be overwhelming for your clients, so it’s important to go over them in a way they can understand. Many clients that come to you for legal services may not grasp the level of work they need and the steps you must take to abide by the law. For the client, they just need an LLC, but as a lawyer, you know it’s much more than that. Using your discovery conversation as a way to educate your client will also build their trust in you going forward.

Integrity and revenue go hand in hand

If you go out of your way to sell services your clients don’t need, you’ll make an unpleasant observation. Clients will be hesitant to accept your advice and write it off as disingenuous. However, by listening to your client’s needs, assessing the steps to get to their goals, and educating them, you’ll find they’re eager to accept your help. Taking this approach may take more of your time, but will attract loyal clients and translate into more revenue for your firm.

Use these tips to attract loyal clients

As a lawyer, you’re a source of knowledge and a guide for often life-changing events. Clients rely on you to protect their best interest while also educating them along the way. Strictly selling to your clients is a formula for low client retention and unpredictable revenue. At the end of the day, clients understand that you have a business to run. The difference in how you “sell” or manage your business comes down to your customer service skills and how you treat the client while helping them reach their goals.


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