October 26, 2020

Volume X, Number 300


October 26, 2020

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Customer Service Skills for Attorneys

The key to maintaining a constant stream of clients in the legal business goes beyond just providing a reliable service and hiring competent people – it also relies on client service.

Even if you provide the results a client needs, if they don't have a good experience along the way, they could be easily swayed to use another firm in the future. So no matter how good your team might be, and how many years of experience you might have, it's essential that you improve your client service through good relations, and improved online communication. Thankfully, with resources like Practice Panther, that is easier than ever.

Identify Customer Touchpoints

A customer touchpoint is any time when a customer or client comes into contact with you, your colleagues or your brand. In order to enhance your client service, you must identify every touchpoint and ensure that your colleagues understand how they can offer the most reliable and positive customer experience.

Your customer touchpoints, as a modern legal firm, include:

  • Social media
  • Online promotions and advertisements
  • Your phone system
  • Your billing department
  • Your emails to clients
  • Website

Whenever a client interacts with you or your brand, it is essential that you provide the most convenient service possible. If you're not sure how you can improve, put yourself in your clients' shoes.

Start the process of hiring your own services by visiting your website, calling your firm and asking some questions. Identify areas that can be improved – whether it's a long wait time, or difficulty reaching the right person.

Practice Makes Perfect

Don't be afraid to admit your mistakes and practice. By practicing active listening – whereby you truly listen to the concerns that your clients have – you can ensure that you and your team members are accessible and easy to communicate with.

Admitting mistakes to clients is also key to building a trusting relationship. While you should be aiming to make as little mistakes as possible, when you do make an error, be sure to contact your client as soon as possible and explain the issue. Reassure your client that you are in control of the situation, and then re-focus their attention on the good work you are doing, your plan moving forward, and how you will achieve the results they desire.

Improve Your Online Communication

The Internet is increasingly one of the biggest touchpoints that all firms should look to improve. It's essential that your clients are able to access information and support as quickly as possible, given that so many larger forms offer instant online communication and support.

Consider using client portal software where you can connect with your clients and colleagues better than email alone. This will allow your clients to view important information and securely share files and messages in a more collaborative environment.

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