October 20, 2020

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October 19, 2020

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Foundations for Success - Leadership in the Legal Marketing Industry with Courtney Lynch (Part 2)

Even though certain leadership abilities are innate, the majority of what makes someone a leader is learned. Becoming a leader involves the study and development of specific behaviors such as meeting and exceeding the expectations a leader has for others, being decisive, serving those they lead, and influencing and inspiring others. Marine Corps Captain Courtney Lynch, along with fellow Captain Angie Morgan, developed ten leadership principles outlined in their book, Leading from the Front. They teach these principles during their workshops1 to help people all over the country to foster their own leadership skills.

Of the 10 leadership principles outlined in Leading from the Front, which do you think is the most critical to start with?

The best leaders demonstrate multidimensional behaviors that build credibility.  If I had to pick one principle that offered a starting point to leader development, it would be accountability.  Seek to take responsibility before you begin to place blame.  It’s human nature to want to blame process, systems, policies or other people when something goes wrong.  Leaders don’t waste time with blame.  They own their role in problems so they can move towards resolution.  As humans, we’ll never be perfect, yet we can strive to perfect our response to the inevitable mistakes we make.  When we demonstrate accountability, we build trust.  

Which principle(s) have been the most difficult for people at your workshop to wrap their heads around? How do you help them overcome that?

Surprisingly one of the most difficult concepts for those we work with is to understand that leadership is not about status or power, it’s about behavior.  Our society is so focused on reserving the title leader for those who are in charge.  We’ve all had the experience of working for a boss who wasn’t a leader.  They were clearly in charge, but working for them was miserable.  And, on the flip side, we all know individuals who have significant influence in our working worlds.  They aren’t in charge, yet they have a strong influence over the group.  You can be a leader without being the boss.  The more leaders you have in an organization the better results you’ll achieve.  Leadership is about influence.  You can’t control people — you can only seek to influence them.  The moment you demand, dictate or try to compel, is the moment you become alienating versus inspiring.  Whether you aspire to be a boss or not, learn to lead.  It’s the key to achieving the success that matters most to you. 

Do you have a favorite success story from a leadership workshop?

There are so many success stories. They have little to do with me and more to do with the talent, intellect and commitment of those who step up and make the choice to invest their time, energy and resources in the leader development process.   The LMA Leadership Development Certificate Program is an efficient, enjoyable, effective path to betterment.  When you participate you’ll gain powerful insight into your leadership style, you’ll attend a two-day workshop with your peers and you’ll receive personal coaching sessions and access to a highly relevant on-line learning community.   Once you enroll you’ll have a clear roadmap for achieving next level success.  Today’s world moves fast.  We’re busy.  Making a commitment to develop is difficult.  I can assure you those that participate in the LMA Leadership Development Certificate program will see ROI on their time.

Thank you Courtney Lynch for taking the time to speak with the National Law Review. Click here for more information about the LMA Leadership Development Certificate Program.

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1 The Legal Marketing Association and Lead Star will be holding the inaugural LMA Leadership Development Certificate Program November 15-16 in Chicago. Courtney Lynch and Sean Lynch will be coaching participants to help them develop a unique perspective on their own personal leadership styles and tendencies.

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