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How Law Firms Can Use Video Marketing to Attract More Clients

Investing in law firm video marketing presents a unique opportunity for firms to market themselves to an ever-growing audience for video content online. For example, YouTube gets 14.3 billion visits a month and is the second most visited website after Google itself. 

For law firms looking to increase their visibility online, video marketing can be an effective strategy to help reach potential clients. Law firms can use video to showcase their attorneys and the services they provide. This allows law firms to create a unique brand identity and can help make your team look more approachable and relatable to potential clients. Aside from their potential to reach a larger audience, videos can be more engaging than other forms of content.

Yet, some law firms can be hesitant to start creating videos due to fear of low returns on investment. Creating a video marketing strategy for your law firm can seem daunting, but our guide will help you create an effective video marketing strategy to help you get more clients. Read on for our top video marketing tips for law firms. 

Law Firm Video Marketing Tips 

Law firms can kick off their video marketing strategy by creating videos that showcase the firm’s unique services and history. An engaging video experience can create a longer lasting impression compared to just text alone. These videos can be displayed on the firm’s “About Us” page, as well as the firm’s homepage. They should contain all the key information you want your potential clients to know about your firm. 

Law firms can also create a series of videos focusing on the firm’s areas of practice. If a law firm specializes in labor and immigration for example, creating videos about those specific practice groups and the work they do can help communicate your firms’ expertise to potential clients. 

Another way to communicate your firm’s expertise to clients is to showcase your success portfolio through video. Presenting your firm’s successes through video can provide more substance than just text alone and gives law firms another opportunity to convince potential clients why they should choose your law firm over your competitors.  These videos can also showcase how much hard work and dedication goes into every case, which gives potential clients an idea of what it’s like to work with your firm. 

Lastly, law firms should consider creating video testimonials from past clients. Given that many potential clients choose a law firm based off a recommendation, video testimonials present law firms with the opportunity to show why other clients have enjoyed working with them. 

Why Should Law Firms Use Video Marketing?

Having an effective video marketing strategy can help your law firm stand out from your competitors and reach a wider audience. Videos are an effective platform to reach customers and gain their attention, as they help your firm seem more interesting and genuine than just reading text alone. Now is the best time for law firms to start capturing their desired markets through effective video marketing.

Additionally, for law firms looking to get more traction on social media, using video can help your posts rank higher. Platforms like Facebook favor video content over other types of content due to its ability to drive engagement and “stop the scroll.”

Simply winning cases is usually not enough to grow your law firm’s market reputation. Expanding your law firm’s current marketing strategy through adding video can help your firm reach a wider audience and attract more potential clients.  

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