How to Write Great Bios for Your Law Firm Website
Sunday, October 17, 2021
tips for writing an attorney bio for law firm website

You’ve put a lot of time and money into designing the ultimate website. Complete with a sleek, innovative design and a marketing strategy, your law firm's website can’t launch without great attorney bios to match. It isn’t unusual for lawyers to sit down to write their bio only to find themselves stuck.

No one wants to read a boring attorney bio. Sure, it will be important to mention that you were a member of the law review board and who you used to clerk for, but your potential clients aren’t going to care about that as much as you might think. You need to write your attorney bio in a way that will reflect your law firm’s unique value proposition. Here’s how to start perfecting your law firm’s attorney bios.

Edit Out the Legalese

Make sure you edit out anything that sounds like legal jargon. You want your clients to be able to understand what your bio says, and feel as though they can relate to and trust you through your bio. If it is littered with words that anyone outside of the legal community wouldn’t understand, they are less likely to find you relatable.

Creativity is Key

You’ve probably read your fair share of attorney bios at this point in your career. Which bios caught your attention most? More than likely, the ones that had more creative flair. If you’re unsure of how to describe yourself, check out what your former clients had to say in their feedback or in their reviews. If you are a feared prosecutor, you’ll want that detail included in your attorney bio. Are you a force to be reckoned with in insurance negotiations? Make sure your bio describes you in a way that makes your prospective clients say, “That’s exactly the type of lawyer I need to represent me.”

Showcase Your Credentials

Your professional attorney bio on your website is the perfect opportunity to showcase your credentials. Attorneys who have credentials are more likely to be seen as authoritative. Potential clients want an attorney on their side who they know has a proven track record of success. Whether you earned a National Trial Lawyers Top 40 under 40 badge or have a perfect 10.0/10.0 Avvo rating, your attorney bio should feature these accomplishments so clients can easily see at a glance that you know how to win.

Show Readers Your Humanity

While it’s important to showcase your accomplishments as an attorney, it is equally as important that your bio shows that you’re also human. Describe what community organizations you’re involved in or volunteer with. What kinds of activities do you enjoy when you aren’t working? Including these details can make you more relatable to prospective clients. But more than that, it can give you an edge. For example, if you are a personal injury attorney who is also an avid motorcycle rider, it tells someone who has been injured in a motorcycle accident that you’re a lawyer who will truly understand their perspective.

Write Client-Focused Content

Every single detail you include in your attorney bio should be client-focused. The way you write your bio should describe how your assets, accomplishments, and resources can help this potential client with their legal issue. For example, media features are something you will want to include in your bio.

But don’t just list that you were on certain news channels or that a case you had was featured on a well- known true crime drama. Include some information about how this accomplishment benefits the reader. For example, were you featured on a news channel as a correspondent with legal expertise? These details can set you apart from other attorney bios that tout their achievements without taking the time to explain to readers how these achievements are going to help them win their case.

If you’re stuck on writing bios for your firm website, keep it simple. What do your clients really care about the most? They care about your experience, your approach to client and case management, and why you’re the right lawyer to help them. When you know what you want to come across, it’s easy to write bios that capture their attention.


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