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Law Firm Marketing: How Your Law Firm Can Leverage Social Media

Establish Your Audience on Social Media

Social networking has a lot of utility when it comes to marketing a law firm. It is used to generate leads, increase referrals, create a brand story, and increase visibility. The first step is identifying which social media sites your target audience actually use. The three largest social media sites are Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. There are over 2 billion Facebook users, over a billion Youtube users, and over 800,000 million Instagram users. But choosing based on numbers is not necessarily your best option. LinkedIn and Twitter have fewer users but they might be better choices for your target audience. If the audience you want to attract don’t use Facebook, there’s no point spending energy on a Facebook page. This is where market research comes in.

To identify your audience’s habits, you have a couple of options. You can set up an online survey and put it on your law firm’s website. You can also use email plug-ins like Rapportive, which will allow you to track your customers’ social media habits via Gmail.

From there, focus your marketing initiatives on 2-3 platforms. It is tempting to use as many social media sites as possible, but your results will be better if you focus your efforts on just two networks.

Build Your Reputation by Marketing on Social Media

Once you establish what social media best fits your marketing needs, you have to switch your attention to building your reputation. Clients want to hire an attorney who is an expert, someone they can trust will represent them and give them a win.

An important part of your marketing strategy is encouraging customers to leave positive reviews. This is the best way to build your reputation as an attorney.

Build Your Brand by Marketing on Social Media

Building a brand is a crucial step in building the loyalty of your clients. Social media is the best way to build your brand, simply because so many people use it on a daily basis. The first thing to keep in mind is consistency. While, you will obviously share different types of content on Facebook than you would on Instagram, the messages and content matter should still align. You do not want to send your audience two different messages. They won’t know which one to believe. You want to also be consistent with color and graphic.


With written content, you should have a tone, voice, and style that carries over from your website to your blog to your Facebook page. This consistency builds trust because you will come across as a well-established firm. The end goal is to be immediately recognizable. You want your audience to know what to expect.

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