January 31, 2023

Volume XIII, Number 31


January 30, 2023

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POT HOLE: Cannabis Companies Getting Caught in the Mini-TCPA Trap

One of the biggest TCPA trends earlier in the year was the onslaught of suits against cannabis companies related to marketing texts.

After my big interview with the National Cannabis Industry Association, those filings went down as dispensary TCPA awareness went up. (You’re welcome.)

But the trend of high dollar TCPA class suits against pot dealers seems to have moved South for the winter–down to the Sunshine State.

We’ve picked up a few new recent filings brought under the Florida Telephone Solicitation Act (Mini-TCPA). The suits allege that the blast text platforms used to send marketing texts meet the state’s extremely broad definition of an autodialer and require express written consent (which is allegedly missing).

For instance in the latest suit filed earlier today, the allegations focus on the automatic selection and dialing of numbers: Defendant utilized a computer software system that automatically selected and dialed Plaintiff’s and the Class members’ telephone numbers.

Notably this suit appears to be brought against a cannabis delivery platform and not an actual dispensary.

Read all about it here: Herban Delivery

Per usual the suit seeks to represent all individuals receiving similar messages in the state of Florida. It is brought by the folks at Shamis and Gentile who file a lot of these things.

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