January 21, 2018

January 19, 2018

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What Every Law Firm Blog Should Contain

It’s important to include certain social media tools in your law firm’s blog to drive more traffic and make it easier to share your ideas.

Don’t get me wrong, content is always king. But adding the items listed below to your legal blog will make it a more powerful tool:

1. RSS Feed (Real Simple Syndication). This allows people to subscribe to your blog and stay updated on your latest posts. You might even consider starting an e-newsletter so those that want to can have your law firm’s blog content sent directly to their inbox. This will keep your blog top of mind with your target audiences.

2. Link back to your firm. Make sure you include a link to your Atlanta law firm’s Website on your blog home page and in the About or Bio page of your blog too. You want visitors to be able to find your firm page easily, so put it right out there for them.

3. Twitter Account. Include a link at the top of the page that goes directly to your law firm’s Twitter account. Some firms have even started adding Twitter streams to their blog pages. A Twitter stream shows your last few Tweets, and automatically updates each time you add a new one. By adding the stream, visitors can see your latest Twitter posts without leaving your blog site. Also, add a “Tweet This” or similar button to each blog post so readers can easily Tweet them to their followers. This will greatly increase traffic to your blog.

4. Company Facebook Page. Make sure you include a link to your law firm’s Facebook page. Just like with Twitter, include a button that allows readers to easily share your posts on Facebook.

5. Contact Page. As with all Websites, you should include your contact information and make it easy to find. You want your future clients to be able to contact you, right?

6. Personal and Company LinkedIn Pages. Include a link to your personal and the law firm’s LinkedIn pages too. Even if your readers aren’t on Twitter or Facebook, nearly all business professionals are on LinkedIn. Make it easy for them to look you up and connect with you there.

7. Industry News. Put important industry news links on your main page. This provides additional reasons for visitors to come to your page, in addition to your witty commentary.

    Try to take some time every month to research new items and applications that you can add to your blog site to keep it interesting and up-to-date. These not only put you on the cutting edge of social media technology, but increase your readership and the exposure for your Atlanta law firm as well.



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