May 25, 2019

John A. Kassner

John A. Kassner, a Shareholder in the Madison office, has a statewide practice focused on protecting the constitutional and legal rights of property owners dealing with government in complex litigation and appellate work in these areas:

  • eminent domain, involving:
    • highway and road projects
    • gas pipelines
    • high voltage transmission and power lines
    • park projects
    • billboards
    • sewer and water projects
    • urban renewal projects
    • blight removal projects
    • redevelopment projects
    • mass transit, commuter rail, light rail, street car and trolley projects
    • avigation or overflight easement near an airport
    • shoreline protection or restoration projects
    • wetland protection or restoration projects
    • floodplain protection projects
  • inverse condemnation
    • land
    • residential building
    • commercial building
    • farm building
    • industrial building
    • billboard or sign
    • driveway
    • access to a road
    • stormwater detention or retention basin
    • parking lot
    • landscaping
    • permanent easement
    • temporary easement
    • change of grade
    • rails to trails
    • private street
    • marketable sand, gravel, stone materials
    • lumber
    • crops
  • regulatory takings of property
  • property rights
    • the applicability of TRANS 233 or TRANS 231
    • highway setback requirements
    • loss or modification of boat docks, wharves or boat houses
    • loss or modification of bulkheads
    • loss or modification of riparian rights
    • denial or modification of subdivision plat or certified survey map (csm) or condominium issues
    • denial or modification of zoning permits
    • denial or modification of building permits
    • denial or modification of conditional use permits
    • denial or modification of legal non-conforming use rights
    • condemnation of private streets
    • loss of driveway or access to public streets

John has recovered compensation in excess of one million dollars for numerous clients on eminent domain, regulatory takings, property access and inverse condemnation claims. John has the negotiating, trial and appellate experience needed to protect property owner interests or to obtain just compensation.  

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