January 26, 2020

Louis J. Rouleau

Strategic, Responsive, Tenacious and Value-Oriented. As a litigation partner, Louis is battle-hardened, trial-tested and respected for his effective representation of clients. Louis has served as trial counsel and lead counsel for a broad range of businesses, including those in the real estate development, manufacturing and financial services industries. His cases often involve an important environmental component, including assessment of RECs, contamination cleanup and reporting requirements, and working with consulting and testifying experts to address same.

Louis is committed to building long-lasting relationships with clients through honest communication, true partnership, and being ever mindful of the bottom line.  Whether representing plaintiff, defendant, or an involuntary participant, Louis views litigation as a business tool and one that should strengthen a client’s position going forward.  

For Louis, strategy starts with an early and thorough case analysis, including identification of legal issues, claims, defenses, and, most importantly, the goals of the client and the business implications. As outside counsel, Louis views alignment with his client as vital to creating trust and to maximizing cooperation and efficiency. Louis’s significant experience in pricing and budgeting contributes additional value to his relationships as clients should know both the legal and cost landscape.

Clients rely on Louis to represent them in manufacturing, product liability, successor liability, real estate development and financial services disputes. He has successfully litigated several class action suits for national and international companies in these sectors.

Articles in the National Law Review database by Louis J. Rouleau