June 3, 2020

Robert Shaddox

Robert Shaddox has litigation experience in a wide range of substantive areas and forums, with a focus on Intellectual Property (patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret and unfair competition).  His experience further includes infringement and validity analyses and prosecution of patents in nanotechnology, the mechanical, electro-mechanical, electronic, chemical composition, medical device and software arts, and trademark, copyright, and foreign patent applications and prosecution, as well as technology transfer and transactional licensing of patents, copyrights and trademarks. Robert has also served as an expert witness on patent prosecution and validity, and on reasonableness and necessity of attorney fees for Intellectual Property matters.

Co-author of the WinTech blog, which provides legal insight for start-up and established technology businesses.

Representative Experience

  • Nanotechnology: Ordered assemblies of nanotubes and continuous fibers, catalytic growth of nanotubes, electromagnetic field mixing of metals with nanotubes, dispersion of nanotubes in other materials, nanotube composite materials and thermal barriers, structural and multifunctional nanocomposite ceramics, recycling nanotubes from polymer nanocomposites, gas-phase process for single-wall carbon nanotubes, containerless infiltration with electromagnetic levitation

  • Automotive/Transportation: Auxiliary lift axles, lockout shock absorbers, auxiliary bridge axles, axle suspension locks

  • Oilfield: Drilling, exploration and production tools and methods, drilling bits, rotating friction grips, torque transfer tongs; turbodrills, positive displacement rotary motors, gerotors; directional drilling/survey tools; drilling fluids; lubricity testing apparatus, gas lift mandrels and valves; well control valves and safety valves; displacement plug injection apparatus; coil tubing injection apparatus, connections, and tools; offshore platform devices, drilling platform rescue apparatus; fire control and monitoring systems; guttered vacuum insulated tubing; pressure vessel and pipeline leak sealing methods and devices; diaphragm pressure seals; undersea relocation apparatus; transportable petroleum refinery; pumps

  • Other: Medical devices; surgical and neurosurgical devices, dental devices; composite structural systems, composite couplings and fittings; abrasion resistant coatings; foundation systems; trenching safety devices; roofing systems; road systems; interlocking weight distribution matting; polymer mixing devices; bicycle frames and designs; firearms and ordnance; educational toys and games; and fluid flow control and filtering devices

  • Engineering: Experience related to international and domestic engineering and heavy construction projects for highway bridges, roads, buildings and wastewater treatment facilities; manufacturing experience in concrete precasting and oilfield drill bit manufacturing

Articles in the National Law Review database by Robert Shaddox