May 9, 2021

Volume XI, Number 129

Education Roundtable: Continued Concerns for 2021: Zoom Bombing, Collection of Vaccine Data and Remote Learning

This roundtable session will discuss some real-life examples of the lessons learned by colleges, universities and independent schools over the past 12 months, when many institutions have gone online to conduct operations. Join us as we discuss navigating today’s privacy and cybersecurity risks and challenges and ways to protect students, faculty and staff from these risks. Topics will include:

  • Lessons Learned and the Increased Cyber-Risks 

    • Remote workforce and classes

    • Spoofing and hijacking 

    • Zoom bombing 

    • Recording classes and meetings

    • Data collection, use and disclosure of COVID-19-related data


  • Navigating Cyber-Risks in 2021

    • Vendor management and tips for choosing and working with third-party vendors 

    • Contractual provisions, including retention of data

    • Ransomware attacks and the Blackbaud incident 

    • Cyber-liability insurance considerations 


  • Tips on:

    • Preventing and protecting against cyber-attacks 

    • Reviewing your cyber-liability insurance policy

    • The collection, use, and disclosure of vaccination data