September 26, 2020

Volume X, Number 270

Every Move You Make: GPS Tracking of Employees and Workplace Implications

Employers routinely provide employees with smartphones, laptops — even company cars or trucks to conduct company business. To improve efficiency and to confirm employees are performing work-related activities using such company property, some employers even use a Global Positioning System (GPS) to track employee activity. While it's perfectly fine for businesses to track the location of their company property, GPS monitoring of employee activity raises some important legal concerns.

In this complimentary 60-minute session...

Dinsmore attorneys Brian Moore and Michael Moore will look at employee monitoring from the legal perspective and what private employers should consider before delving into these waters. You'll learn about:

  • Various methods employers are using to monitor employee whereabouts

  • Latest law on risks and benefits of GPS tracking of employees

  • Best practices for implementing a GPS tracking system

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