November 18, 2018

Knock, Knock - Ten Things to Do When the Government Knocks on Your Door

Companies would much prefer never to need a white collar criminal defense attorney. Even many experienced transactional and trial attorneys don’t know how to advise a client who receives a grand jury subpoena. Headlines today are full of stories of companies paying huge amounts in settlements or penalties as the result of government investigations. Both lawyers and clients alike would benefit from a basic understanding of the mechanics of the criminal justice system, particularly as it most often affects today’s companies. This CLE addresses how companies most regularly come into contact with government enforcement efforts, and how best to handle those situations in a manner that best protects the entity’s interests without risking an obstruction of justice charge. Topics include grand jury subpoenas, civil investigative demands, search warrants, and target letters. The government’s changing policies through the years on the meaning of “cooperation” will also be addressed, as will the concept of a “corporate Miranda.”

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