August 18, 2017

Noncompete and Nonsolicit Agreements for Healthcare Providers: Keeping Up With Developments Across the U.S.

Our attorneys will review what healthcare providers need to know about noncompete and nonsolicit requirements in the healthcare arena, including how different states approach the issues and the unique concerns that arise in the healthcare space.


How State Laws Drive Noncompete Strategy

  • Why other states' laws are more important than you think

  • Is continuing employment sufficient consideration?

  • Will the court modify the agreement to make it enforceable?

Healthcare-Specific Concerns

  • How should our approach be different in the healthcare space?

  • Understanding the implications on the ethical practice of medicine, including patient abandonment concerns

  • Protecting your most valuable asset – your patient list

  • Are you aware of your notice requirements?

Drafting and Administration

  • Rules of thumb in healthcare

  • How aggressive should you be in setting restrictions?

  • How do you handle the differences between states?

  • Should you be concerned with a past-employer’s noncompete? (Tortious interference)

Enforcement Strategy

  • Do you have to go after every violation?

  • Should you send a cease and desist letter first?

  • How quickly should you act?

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Friday, September 15, 2017