July 19, 2019

Use of Mobile Technology and Big Data to Engage Patients and Improve Health

We cordially invite you to join us for the fifth program of our Digital Health webinar series: Use of Mobile Technology and Big Data to Engage Patients and Improve Health. This program will discuss the business, privacy and health care regulatory issues raised by the deployment of mobile apps, wearables and other mobile technologies by health care providers to engage patients in the management of their health, including through telemedicine.

The webinar will address the following questions among others:

 How are health care providers and payers using mobile technology to engage with patients between visits, encourage healthy behaviors and reduce costs?

How are “big data” analytics and predictive modeling applied to data collected through mobile technology to improve population heath and decrease costs?

Will payers pay for telemedicine and other mobile health services? Where does mobile technology fit into the evolution away from fee-for-service to alternative payment methodologies that seek to reward value over volume of care?

How does mobile technology integrate with health care providers’ electronic health record systems and other health information technology?

What are the requirements and best practices for securing data collected and transmitted through mobile technology?

What are the key elements of terms of use and privacy policies for mobile applications?

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