January 31, 2023

Volume XIII, Number 31

[Webinar] Implementing and Enforcing Standard Essential Patents

Technical industry standards, such as telecommunication standards, are key in the digitalization of the world because they enable the interoperability of devices. At the same time, alongside the goal for expanding interoperability standards (e.g., LTE, 5G, WiFi) is consideration of the rights of holders of standard essential patents (SEPs) that cover those technologies deemed necessary for complying with the standards.

While SEP holders generally pledge to grant licenses on fair, reasonable, and non–discriminatory (FRAND) terms, disputes are expected to rise as connectivity features are driving industry and consumer demand in more and more sectors, including digital, automotive, health care, and energy. The treatment of SEPs has also varied in different countries.

To learn more about key issues involving SEPs and FRAND as well as guidance for successfully navigating them throughout your company’s business life cycle — whether you are new to this area or are looking to catch the most recent developments — please join Foley and Linklaters for our upcoming webinar, which will address the following topics:

What SEPs are and why they matter;
The landscape with respect to causes of action that exist in the U.S. and Europe, including a comparison of trends and an overview of recent significant decisions,
Key considerations when entering into an SEP licensing regime;
Where to focus your attention when your company finds itself involved in an SEP–related lawsuit; and
Strategies for developing and enforcing an SEP portfolio.