October 17, 2019

Hinch Newman LLP

Hinch Newman LLP is one of the leading Internet, advertising compliance, regulatory investigations and litigation defense, technology and digital media law firms in the country.  The firm is exclusively focused on representing advertisers, marketers, publishers, affiliate networks, advertising networks, advertising agencies, lead generators, lead aggregators, lead buyers, media and Internet companies in connection with the legal aspects of their advertising and promotional marketing business, including clearance of direct advertising and marketing materials, promotional and social media programs, intellectual property issues, and online privacy and data security matters.

A significant portion of the firm’s practice involves defending investigations (CIDs) and litigation initiated by regulatory agencies regarding local, state and national advertising campaigns involving allegations of consumer fraud, false advertising and unfair business practices, including the Federal Trade Commission, state attorney generals and local departments of consumer affairs.  The firm also represents clients in private litigation matters, competitor actions, claim substantiation proceedings and contract disputes.

Hinch Newman assists marketers to operate safely and profitably by effectively walking the line between commerce and compliance.  The firm helps clients mitigate risk and avoid regulatory scrutiny, navigate contentious investigations and government litigation matters, modify business operations to alleviate regulatory burdens, negotiate and draft legal agreements, and keep abreast of emerging legal trends and threats.

Hinch Newman’s concentration upon digital marketing and technology law, sophisticated knowledge of the legal regulatory landscape, and emphasis on practical, creative and comprehensive solutions to complex problems are a distinct benefit to our clients.  This   exclusive focus on Internet marketing-related Federal Trade Commission and state attorneys general actions, affiliate marketing and advertising law, lead generation compliance, privacy and data security compliance, email marketing compliance, and telemarketing and call center compliance distinguishes the firm.

For additional information, please visit www.hinchnewman.com or ftcdefenselawyer.com.

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