October 6, 2022

Volume XII, Number 279

Intellectual Property Insurance Services Corporation

Intellectual Property Insurance Services Corporation (IPISC), was founded by Robert W. Fletcher and incorporated in 1990. IPISC has been the pioneer and worldwide leader in the area of intellectual property insurance, protecting our client's products, patents, trademarks and copyrights by providing the dollars needed to effectively defend against infringement allegations as well as pursue infringing parties. IPISC provides intellectual property insurance products and services, representing strong "A-rated" carriers. With our longevity and profitability, we not only stand out as the leaders in the industry, but also as the experts in IP risk. For our carriers, we provide underwriting, sales, customer service, compliance, accounting and claims management services. We are an all-encompassing "IP Program" management team serving clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to individual inventors.

IPISC's founder, Robert W. Fletcher, a chemical engineer, patent attorney and highly successful business man, began his IP career as patent counsel for Standard Oil. He then worked for companies such as General Electric, American Air Filter and Hilliard-Lyons. Mr. Fletcher's experience valuing and commercializing patented technologies for an investment banking firm set the stage for the development of an IP insurance services company. IPISC was the first to offer the IP Infringement Abatement Insurance policy. In the years to come, the Defense, Unauthorized Disclosure, Multi-Peril and Asset-Backed insurance policies were developed.

Our main office is located in Louisville, KY and serves clients worldwide. Our team of professionals brings the experience and knowledge necessary to help you and/or your clients manage your IP infringement risks. Our success is attributed to our ability to retain some of the best and brightest in the insurance industry. Our highly educated and experienced team is the key factor to IPISC's continued growth and success. The cohesiveness of our team, along with the passion for what we do, truly sets us apart as industry leader, setting the standard in the IP insurance industry.

Contributing authors from Intellectual Property Insurance Services Corporation:

Robert W. Fletcher, Intellectual Property Insurance Organization
Mr. Fletcher is the President and CEO of Intellectual Property Insurance Services Corporation (IPISC).  Under Mr. Fletcher's direction, IPISC serves as the Managing General Agent and...