August 5, 2021

Volume XI, Number 217

University of Nebraska College of Law

Established in 1891, the College of Law is one of the academic and professional colleges at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. We offer an excellent and broad-based education from nationally recognized teachers and scholars, with expertise in a wide variety of subjects. Lincoln, Nebraska, is a fun college town, the state capital, and a city of nearly 260,000 people that boasts museums, music venues of all sorts, sports, and some of the best and most extensive bike trails in the country for a city of its size.

Significantly, because of state support and a history of good planning, we have been able to maintain reasonable tuition for resident and nonresident students. Nebraska Law students graduate with some of the lowest law school debt in the country, which means they can follow their dreams and goals as lawyers, rather than having to focus their careers on how best to service their debt. Finally, because we are a relatively small law school, with approximately 420 students in residence, Nebraska Law offers students a close-knit, supportive community and faculty who maintain an open door policy.


Contributing authors from University of Nebraska College of Law:

Blake Simpson, Law Student, University of Nebraska College of Law
Blake Simpson is a J.D. Candidate, May 2014, at the University of Nebraska College of Law.
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