June 17, 2019

June 14, 2019

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Marketing of legal services can be a challenging endeavor.  With the major changes impacting the industry, and a greater emphasis placed on legal operations and efficiency in delivery of services, law firm marketing departments are under immense pressure to deliver innovation and results.  Law firms are slow to change and embrace concepts other professional services have integrated into their processes and procedures. The National Law Review covers the latest trends, stories, and news, as it relates to the area of legal marketing—both for solo practitioners and for individuals working in large law firm marketing and business development departments.

Visitors will always find timely, and regularly updated information from legal professionals in the industry. Legal marketing topics, use of social media campaigns to increase site traffic, law firm development, email marketing, best practices for companies to engage in, and legal repercussions when certain laws/standards are not met by organizations, are discussed by legal marketing experts who write for the National Law Review.  In this rapidly evolving industry, there is a fresh take and new ideas, as well as summaries of the best research available. Written with the specific requirements and constraints of the legal industry in mind, the experts on legal marketing provide insight into trends in the industry, as well as analysis of best practices for attorneys and legal marketers.

Solo-practitioners will find the legal marketing advice from the National Law Review to be invaluable for building their practice, with advice on how to maximize your legal website for SEO, how to make online reviews work for you, and how to make your website accessible to everyone.  Along with practical advice on day-to day processes like lead conversion and social media, there is also big picture analysis, like the benefits of building a niche law practice.

Featuring articles from legal marketing experts across the industry, the National Law Review is an invaluable resource for both solo-practitioners and legal marketers working in-house.