January 25, 2021

Volume XI, Number 25

Consultwebs.com, Inc.

Since its establishment in 1999, Consultwebs.com has grown into one of the country’s leading providers of law firm Web design, marketing and consulting products and services. We have played a significant role in advancing Internet-based legal marketing, and we believe the future holds endless possibilities for online legal marketing.


Contributing authors from Consultwebs.com, Inc.:

Grant Brott, Consultwebs, Search Marketing Specialist
Search Marketing Specialist
As a Local Search Marketing Specialist with Consultwebs.com, Grant Brott’s role is to increase our clients’ local visibility by ranking them for geographically-related keywords. Through...
John Damron, Senior Marketing Strategist, Consultwebs
Senior Marketing Strategist
As Senior Marketing Strategist for Consultwebs.com, John Damron works closely with our law firm clients to develop the best Internet marketing strategies possible for their firm. John...
LeAnna Easterday, Marketing Communications Specialist, Consultwebs
Marketing Communications Specialist
As our Marketing Communications Specialist at Consultwebs.com, LeAnna Rae Easterday works closely with our sales team to coordinate the promotion of our products and services to law firms...
Kevin Evans, Creative Director, Consultwebs Law Firm Marketing
Creative Director
As the Creative Director for Consultwebs.com, Kevin Evans develops creative strategies for our clients’ websites that will help them to succeed. He proactively reviews our clients’ sites...
Greg Froom, Web Content Editor, Consultwebs.com
Web Content Editor
Greg Froom is Web Content Editor with Consultwebs.com. A licensed attorney and experienced journalist, Greg helps our law firm clients to enhance their Internet presence by developing...
Michael Gardner, Consultwebs.com, Senior Marketing Consultant
Senior Marketing Consultant
As a Senior Marketing Consultant at Consultwebs.com, Michael Gardner manages multiple client website campaigns. This involves working closely with our marketing personnel to ensure a smooth...
Cindy Greenway, Legal Marketing, Consultwebs
Cindy Greenway is the Editor-in-Chief of LawMarketing.com, the premier online resource attorneys and legal marketers turn to for information on the business side of law. She is passionate...
Travis Haney, Social Media Consultant, ConsultWebs
Social Media Consultant
As a Social Media Consultant with Consultwebs.com, Travis Haney helps our clients to take advantage of the many networking and marketing opportunities available through Facebook, Google+,...
Kenneth Harris, social media, communications, technology, marketing, law, HR
Social Media Editor
As a Social Media Editor for Consultwebs.com, Kenneth Harris works on clients’ social media profiles, performs maintenance and provides weekly updates. He also writes articles that detail...
Samantha Hicks, Intern, Consultwebs.com for Lawyers and Law Firms
Samantha Hicks is an intern with Consultwebs.com. She works primarily with the Marketing team on reports and research and strategy, as well as managing social media
Tanner Jones, Marketing Director, Consultwebs
Marketing Director
Tanner Jones serves as the Marketing Director for Consultwebs.com, which means that he often is one of the first contacts our clients have with our firm. Those clients usually come away...
Paul Julius, PPC Focus Specialist, Consultwebs.com
PPC/Focus Specialist
With his extensive background in Web design and online marketing, Paul Julius brings a unique combination of skills and perspectives to his role as a PPC/Focus Specialist with Consultwebs....
Breonna Lewis, SEO Data Analyst, Consultwebs
SEO Data Analyst
As a SEO / Social Media Strategist with Consultwebs.com, Breonna Lewis is in charge of running campaign performance reporting, doing on-site tagging and performing data analysis. Her work...
Guy Loranger, web content editor, google, analytics, Consultwebs
Web Content Editor
Guy Loranger is the Web Content Editor for Consultwebs.com. His role allows him to interact regularly with clients on developing website pages, press releases, blogs and other Web content...
Stephanie Matsuoka, Legal Marketing Strategist, Consultwebs.com, Inc.
Legal Marketing Strategist
As our Legal Marketing Strategist, Stephanie works with law firms to evaluate their online marketing initiatives and helps them to determine whether a relationship with Consultwebs.com will...
Outreach Specialist/Strategist
Andrew Miller serves as an Outreach Specialist/Strategist with Consultwebs.com. He identifies, engages and builds relationships with influential bloggers, journalists, editors, publishers...
Account Manager
As an Account Manager with Consultwebs.com, Joel Morrison manages multiple client campaigns and consults with clients on new ways we can grow their practices online. He closely collaborates...
JR Oakes, Director of Search Marketing, Consultwebs
Director of Search Marketing
J.R. Oakes is in charge of developing and managing our comprehensive approach to search engine optimization for our law firm clients. In this role, J.R. constantly analyzes and adapts our...
Robert Padgett, Account Manager, Consultwebs
Account Manager
Robert Padgett serves as an Account Manager at Consultwebs.com. In his role, he develops, plans and carries out online marketing strategies for our law firm clients. He also develops...
Magnus Simonarson, Vice President, Consultwebs.com
Vice President
Magnus Simonarson, recently nominated “Viking of the Decade” by his fellow team members, serves as the Vice President of Consultwebs.com. Magnus is responsible for guiding the production...
Kevin Smith, Director of Design Services, Consultwebs
Director of Design Services
As Consultwebs.com’s Director of Design Services, Kevin Smith oversees our talented Web design department. He is responsible for creating and maintaining a high level of design in all of...
Patrick Steyer, Marketing Strategist, Consultwebs
Marketing Strategist
Patrick Steyer brings years of experience with helping online retailers to enhance their marketing efforts to his role as a Marketing Strategist with Consultwebs.com. “The key is to...
Dale Tincher, CEO & President Consultwebs.com
CEO of Consultswebs.com
Dale Tincher is the CEO & President of Consultwebs.com, the company he founded in 1999 and helped to build into one of the country’s leading Internet legal marketing and consulting...
Special Projects Developer
Jonathan Weiss serves as the Special Projects Developer for Consultwebs.com, which means that he oversees the production of Consultwebs' most innovative and creative projectsAs our Special...
Victoria Wilson, Marketing Administrator, Consultwebs
Marketing Administrator
As our Marketing Administrator at Consultwebs.com, Victoria Wilson serves as a communicator between our team and our current and prospective clients. She also focuses on administrative...
Mike Zellmer, Account Manager, Consultwebs
Mike Zellmer brings diverse experience in marketing and management to his role as an Account Manager with Consultwebs.com. He works closely with our fellow team members to create, execute...