Are You on the Watch for IRS Letter 226-J?
Monday, April 2, 2018
ACA, tax, employers, Form 1095-C, correction, 226-J, excise tax

The IRS has started issuing Letter 226-J to employers who may have an Affordable Care Act Shared Responsibility excise tax for 2015. As these letters have a short 30-day response time, it’s important to make sure that a responsible and appropriate person in your organization is ready to receive and act on this letter. We recommend that you review Part 1 of your 2015 Form 1095-C and, in particular, Item 7 (which has the name of the person to contact). Be sure this person is still in your employ (at the address in the previous item numbers) and is ready to receive and act on any Letter 226-J. We are aware that some vendors put their own employees into Item 7 (which may result in a misdirected Letter 226-J). If the person listed on Item 7 is not a current employee at the addresses listed on the Form 1095-C, you should consider submitting a corrected Form 1095-C with the appropriate person and/or address. Follow the instructions on pages 4 and 5 for Form 1095-C regarding completing and submitting a corrected Form 1095-C (which can usually be done on paper, even if the initial Form 1095-C was filed electronically).


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