DELETE IT!: Fluent Just Asked Everyone Who Bought Consumer Data From It Prior to May, 2023 to Delete It And This Is Where We Are Now
Thursday, September 21, 2023
FTC telemarketing sweep

So as everyone knows now the FTC’s telemarketing sweep came down like a hammer and crushed a bunch of consent farms and bad actors (and perhaps a few good actors too–don’t want to over generalize.)

One of the companies that was hit pretty hard was Fluent. They agreed to an incredibly strict consent order–but I am also told they had mostly cleaned up their less savory tactics before the FTC came knocking anyway. That’s good to hear, of course.

We talked about this a TON at HERE IS A CLIP. And for more GREAT content follow our INCREDIBLE YouTube channel! 

Regardless as part of their deal with the Commission Fluent is literally asking folks that bought data from them to delete it. If you haven’t received one of these yet–and you may have–check this out. Pretty grim:

So… yeah.

If you bought data from Fluent on consumers generated prior to May 26, 2023 you might want to delete it.

The larger issue, of course, is that folks buy the data then sell the data to people who then buy the data and then sell the data.

So cleaning this up is basically impossible. But they have to try I guess.

If the R.E.A.C.H. standards were adopted, of course, none of this would be a problem anymore. Wonder if Fluent will join R.E.A.C.H.?


Unrelated, just saw the proof for Deserve to Win Issue 2. Absolutely INCREDIBLE. Those of you who got on the list are going to be VERY glad you did. And Queenie is about to be even more famous than she already is. Hold on to your hats folks…


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