December 6, 2022

Volume XII, Number 340


December 06, 2022

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December 05, 2022

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FIGHTS COMING: FTC Hiring Litigation Support Specialists for Bureau of Consumer Protection/ Division of Litigation Technology & Analysi

So we have been warning you that the newly-constituted FTC is now back to full strength and likely to become very active–particularly with respect to digital marketing and telemarketing.

The FTC recently issued its NPRM seeking to require telemarketers to hold five years— 5 years!–of data regarding their calling practices (plainly an unconstitutional government seizure of private server space IMO) but that’s just the prelude. Here’s the kiss.

The FTC announced today that it is hiring Litigation Support Specialists for the Bureau of Consumer Protection. And just to pin the tail right on that donkey–the support is needed in the Division of Litigation Technology & Analysis. Here’s how the FTC describes the position:

DLTA plays a central role in BCP’s investigation and litigation of consumer protection matters, including working with attorneys to assess investigatory and discovery needs, managing the technological tools used to conduct investigations and litigation, and evaluating and implementing emerging technologies.

And here are a few of the duties for this position:

  • Provides ongoing advice and assistance to legal staff on applying and integrating technological capabilities throughout every aspect of case investigation and litigation.

  • Oversees and manages all e-discovery requests and projects from initial set-up to delivery of the finished product, with a focus on client relationships and communication.

  • Identifies, formulates, and implements complex technology solutions for electronic productions in order to improve overall BCP litigation support.

  • Consults with legal staff to determine the best strategy and plan for discovery and big data on all matters. Provides advice and assistance to legal staff on complex e-discovery issues and the use of litigation support tools, including technology assisted review, in their cases.

  • Creates user accounts, customizes workspaces, determines project turnaround estimates, and develops project specifications.

  • Continuously monitors multiple projects in various cases to ensure deadlines are met. Communicates frequently with case teams to resolve issues, including those involving technical issues, and provide status updates. Works closely with litigation support specialist data processors to manage the workflow. Ensures projects are completed according to case team and industry standards.

  • Advises attorneys on the specifications necessary for the production of electronically- stored information. Provides assistance to attorneys in negotiations with opposing parties regarding the production of data. Attends conferences held pursuant to Rule 26(f) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures regarding the production or format of electronically-stored information.

Yeah, they’re coming after digital marketers and robocallers. 100% chance. Expect a pile of new CIDs over the next few months and years.

See the job posting here.

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