The Importance of Website Terms of Use: Insights from Greenberg Traurig’s Data on Fortune 500 Companies
Wednesday, June 7, 2023
Do website terms of use matter

A recent study by Greenberg Traurig revealed that 92% of Fortune 500 companies have a website terms of use agreement in place. This data not only underscores the significance of such agreements for large enterprises but also emphasizes the Fortune 500’s understanding of the importance of terms of use as a crucial legal protection for all websites, regardless of their size.

Terms of Use: A Necessity for Online Protection

Terms of use agreements serve as the foundation for a website’s legal structure, outlining the rules and conditions that users must adhere to while accessing the site. They typically cover essential aspects such as user rights and responsibilities, intellectual property protection, disclaimers, limitation of liability, and dispute resolution.

The Greenberg Traurig data highlights how the vast majority of Fortune 500 companies have recognized the importance of having a comprehensive terms of use agreement in place. This is a strong indicator that all website owners, from small businesses to large corporations, should consider implementing these agreements to protect their online presence and minimize potential legal risks.

Benefits of Terms of Use Agreements for All Websites

  1. Intellectual Property Protection: A well-drafted terms of use agreement can protect a website’s content, trademarks, logos, and other intellectual property by expressly prohibiting unauthorized use or reproduction.
  2. Limitation of Liability: By outlining the scope of liability, website owners can limit their exposure to potential legal claims arising from the use or misuse of the site’s content, services, or products.
  3. Dispute Resolution: Terms of use agreements often specify the governing law and jurisdiction for resolving disputes, providing a clear framework for handling legal issues that may arise.
  4. User Behavior Management: Setting forth rules and guidelines for user conduct can help maintain a safe and respectful online environment while also empowering website owners to take appropriate action against those who violate these guidelines.
  5. Compliance with Laws and Regulations: A terms of use agreement can help ensure that a website complies with applicable laws and regulations, such as intellectual property laws and consumer protection statutes, by outlining the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved.


The data collected by Greenberg Traurig demonstrates that terms of use agreements are an essential component of a robust legal protection strategy for any website. By carefully crafting and implementing a terms of use agreement, website owners can safeguard their intellectual property, limit liability, manage user behavior, and ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Ultimately, investing in a comprehensive terms of use agreement can provide invaluable protection and peace of mind for businesses operating in today’s digital landscape.

Terms of Use Agreements: A necessity for online protection 92% of Fortune 500 companies do have a Terms of Use Agreement 8% of Fortune 500 companies do not have a Terms of Use Agreement according to a recent Greenberg Traurig study

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