WATCH NOW: “You’ll Be Seeing a Lot of Me”– Andrew Perrong Makes Splashy Entrance With HUGE Interview on Deserve to Win Episode 19 [Video]
Friday, December 1, 2023

Well Deserve to Win Ep. 19 is out now, and its our biggest one yet.

Repeat litigator Andrew Perrong has made a name for himself as being on the most vicious pro pers out there. He does not hesitate to push cases and opponents to the brink–and has been called out by judges for his tough tactics.


But now Perrong is a lawyer and has promised to bring a large volume of TCPA suits. And the filings have already begun–with recent class actions joining with the Wolf!

In my interview with Perrong I confront him on his previous misdeeds and push him on whether he intends to straighten up and fly right.

I also ask him why he thinks he gets under people’s skin–and you can see the delight on his face, even as he dismisses the premise. This is an interesting character.

In the interview he admits to being “friends” with Shelton–another tough litigator who has had his own share of troubles before the courts.

Regardless you have got to watch this entire interview–it is really something.

Before we get there though we break down a bunch of critical new developments, including the Supreme Court possible reviewing ATDS cases, the DEATH of PACE, and that new HUGE ruling that MMS messages are not prerecorded voice calls.

Oh, PLUS this is out Thanksgiving episode. So we talk about Puja’s turkey she made. HAHAHHA

You CANNOT miss this.  Watch now!:


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