October 20, 2020

Volume X, Number 294

October 19, 2020

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What Is the Deal With Xeljanz Lawsuits?

You have seen a lot of commercials and have probably been searching the internet for some straightforward explanations about Xeljanz Lawsuits.

Very simply, Xeljanz (aka tofacitinib) is a drug made by Pfizer used to treat arthritis. Because Xeljanz has to essentially suppress the patient’s immune system to treat arthritis inflammation, the drug has a lot of bad side effects that are clearly displayed on the drug’s label.

However, one of the side effects not specifically warned about is blood clots. A recent FDA safety alert has warned that Xeljanz, taken in certain doses, can cause an increased risk of blood clots in the lungs and death.

Not all Xeljanz doses or side effects will likely be actionable. Though it is too early in the litigation process to tell for certain, to potentially qualify for a Xeljanz drug lawsuit, you will generally need to show that:

  • You were being treated for arthritis with Xeljanz or Xeljanz XR; and
  • You were taking a 10 mg twice daily dose of Xeljanz or Xeljanz XR; and
  • You suffered a Pulmonary embolism (“PE”), Pulmonary thrombosis (“PT”), Deep vein thrombosis (“DVT”), stroke, or similar blood clot injury.

You will need to contact your pharmacist, doctor and/or hospital, and request your pharmacy and medical records to confirm that you meet these criteria. If you have difficulty obtaining a copy of your records, you can enlist the help of a law firm to help you do that. After you know that you have met all of the criteria, you can then make an informed choice of whether you qualify for and wish to be part of any potential Xeljanz drug litigations.

One last thing. If you think that you might have a possible Xeljanz drug claim, you want to pay attention to it sooner, rather than later. There are different deadlines and statutes of limitations that could bar you from filing any claims if you wait too long.

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