Why Some Law Firms Have a Photography Partner
Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Law firms typically invest in their attorney portraits and custom stock image libraries because prospective clients may use them to form a first impression.

Routinely and consistently updating this photography across multiple office locations can be difficult, however, so some law firms choose to seek out a photography partner.

To Coordinate, Direct, and Manage Photo Shoots

Many law firms do not have the time or even a designated staff member to handle a photo shoot. Not only do appointments need to be made and often rescheduled, but someone has to manage the actual photo shoot and ensure the proper edits are made.

With a photography partner at your disposal, projects can be handled with care from beginning to end. And simple things like having a single point of contact and an online scheduling tool can turn an overwhelming task into an achievable one.

To Ensure Portraits are Consistent From Office to Office

Scheduling isn’t the only challenge law firms with multiple locations face. One of the toughest things for them is maintaining consistency in the look and feel of the portraits.

Attorneys should be photographed in the same position and with the same background style. The portraits should then be cropped and color balanced using the same specifications to achieve a uniform look.

A photography partner can help you create photo and editing guidelines based on the look you're after and ensure they’re followed across the board.

To Efficiently Update Portraits When Needed

Attorney portraits and custom stock images should reflect your current team. If a new attorney is added or if someone leaves, then changes must be made.

Having a photography partner enables the completion of various photography projects in a timely and cost-efficient manner.


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