May 31, 2020

Charles D. Jarrell

Charles (Chuck) Jarrell’s reputation as a formidable litigator—earned over more than two decades fighting for his owner, operator, investor, and developer clients—often encourages negotiation with adverse parties and, ultimately, the efficient resolution of contentious matters, saving clients’ resources and reducing the stress that comes with uncertainties.

Commercial Litigation Experience

In building case strategy, Chuck starts with the end in focus—the client’s desired destination—and what they want to achieve. His commercial savvy and insight help him devise the most certain path for resolution, with a view toward broader goals, rather than heighten contentiousness.

But when litigation looms in real estate-related matters; partnership, corporate, or LLC disputes; or commercial fraud cases with a real estate aspect, he helps his clients by setting realistic expectations and budgets, making sure to staff a matter with the right team to get the right result at the right price.

Based on his deep experience, Chuck knows how to estimate costs, timelines, and outcomes based upon the anticipated work required to win the matter or handle it successfully—to solve the client’s problem. He is an honest, trusted advisor who does not shy away from telling a client when a particular position they want to take in litigation will not be vindicated.

Responsive, Multi-Disciplinary Counsel

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