January 19, 2021

Volume XI, Number 19

Clay A. Tillack

Clay Tillack brings an unusually diverse skill set to his practice. While he initially concentrated his practice on commercial litigation, once he discovered intellectual property and franchise law he made them the substantive focus of his work. This experience mix allows Clay to provide clients with insights that others might miss in regard to both the transactional and litigation aspects of high-stakes matters. His clients include individuals, private and public organizations and real estate, restaurant and hospitality franchisors.

Clay’s clients benefit from his deep well of experience and knowledge. For example, in the field of trademarks, Clay provides nuanced counseling when clients consider adopting a new mark, helping them prosecute the mark to registration. Aware of the litigation threat and opportunities posed by the intellectual property a client has chosen to adopt, Clay can take the same trademark he registered and then protect it against misuse. And when others claim that the client’s use of a mark infringes their own trademarks, Clay prepares the response best suited to his client’s needs.

Singularly focused on his clients’ needs, Clay constantly asks himself, “Am I getting this right for them?” Clay’s clients place their trust in him because he knows he needs to re-earn it with every new assignment.  


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