February 18, 2018

David G. Mandelbaum

David G. Mandelbaum is Co-Chair of the firm's Environmental Practice. He represents clients faced with problems under the environmental laws that have no conventional solution, or for which the conventional solution would yield an unacceptable result. While he regularly represents clients in lawsuits, he does not restrict his practice to litigation and has helped clients achieve satisfactory outcomes through regulatory negotiation or private transactions.

David has represented clients in Superfund matters – particularly contaminated sediment and natural resource damage issues – that the government considers its most significant. In 2012, he acted as lead counsel for our client in two trials arising from the Lower Fox River and Green Bay Site, one on a Superfund contribution claim and one on the United States’ claim for a mandatory injunction.

David represents natural gas exploration and production companies, midstream providers, and landowner coalitions in connection with development of the Marcellus Shale and other natural gas resources. He regularly handles permit appeals and citizen suits under the water pollution, air pollution and solid waste laws. He has represented clients in litigation under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and several disputes among private parties following failed or unsatisfactory transactions.

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