September 29, 2022

Volume XII, Number 272

David A. Goldman

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"Justice Justice Shalt Thou Pursue" - Deuteronomy 16:20

In one way or another, I've been involved with complex litigation and mass torts for 30 years, on both the plaintiff and defense side. My career arc has taken me from paralegal to law clerk to associate to partner. This depth of experience at all levels has served to provide me, on a daily basis, a wealth of understanding which informs my actions and perspective which ultimately results in excellent results for my clients.

While mastering the relevant law is of course necessary, it is equally important to develop defenses that are best suited for each individual client, and this can only be done by developing a close relationship with each client to understand their needs and goals, and by staying in close communication throughout the duration of the case. Ensuring client satisfaction is my mantra.

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