January 30, 2023

Volume XIII, Number 30

Frida P. Glucoft

Inmigración . . . גֵּר (Gēr) . . . L'immigration . . . words for immigration in Spanish, Hebrew, and French respectively. Three languages spoken by Frida Glucoft, though not terribly surprising considering she was born in Israel and raised in France and Mexico before landing in the U.S. But Frida’s multi-cultural perspective does not stop with her linguistic skills. Her “International Woman of Mystery” persona extends well beyond that and is captured in how she lives her life.

The effervescent, and seemingly boundless, energy that radiates from Frida is rooted in a thirst for embracing different cultures. While many people enjoy traveling, Frida has a tendency to find herself in exotic locations like Iceland, Patagonia, the jungles of Belize, Jakarta, and Uruguay. When asked about “why Uruguay” she responds, with her signature casualness, “I thought it would be a nice place to celebrate New Year’s . . . they have great dancing”.

People from around the world arrive in the United States every day seeking a steward of the law . . . someone to help them navigate the complexities of becoming a US citizen. The practice of immigration law knows no boundaries, both literally and figuratively. Suffice to say, Frida embodies a similar perspective in her absorption of different cultures through her “internationally flavored” adventures, making her an empathetic and worldly advisor to all she serves.

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