December 4, 2022

Volume XII, Number 338

Gene Livingston

Gene Livingston Chairs the Proposition 65 & Green Chemistry Practice and is recognized as a go-to-person to address public policy in the California Legislature, to affect proposed regulations, and to challenge agency actions in court. In addition to being an authority on the rule-making process, he is front and center, representing individual clients and business associations, on the implementation of California’s green chemistry law, also known as the safer consumer products regulation, and continues to be heavily involved in Proposition 65, a practice he began in 1986, the year the initiative passed.

Further, Gene advises and represents his business and trade association clients on legislation affecting business, other environmental regulatory issues at Cal-EPA, such as VOCs in consumer products, insurance legislation and regulations.

While Gene works hard to achieve public policy results favorable to his clients, litigation is necessary at times. He handles court challenges to legislation on constitutional grounds, to regulations lacking legal authority, and to administrative actions without a scientific, factual or legal basis. His reputation and experience as a litigator furthers his credibility as a public policy advocate.


  • Advocacy before the California Legislature, state agencies and the courts

  • Business regulation and compliance

  • Green chemistry

  • Proposition 65 compliance and litigation

  • Environmental regulation

  • Insurance regulation

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