June 5, 2020

John P. Hasman

John “J.P.” Hasman is a former National Labor Relations Board attorney who has unique insight into the investigation and prosecution of unfair labor practice cases and conducting NLRB-supervised elections. Now, J.P. uses that insider’s perspective to effectively represent corporate clients before the NLRB and in their labor relations.

His extensive experience includes serving as chief negotiator in union negotiations and representing numerous clients before the NLRB and courts. J.P. successfully argued before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the fourth Circuit that President Obama exceeded his constitutional authority by appointing three people to the board while lawmakers were on break, bypassing Senate confirmation.

In his practice, J.P. negotiates union contracts, handles unfair labor practice charges, resolves grievances, represents clients at grievance arbitrations, and manages secondary picketing issues and other strike-related litigation and matters. In addition, J.P. assists nonunion employers with union avoidance efforts, and advises and counsels employers during union campaigns. J.P. has counseled multiple higher education clients regarding adjunct faculty organizing efforts and all of their traditional labor needs.

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