June 18, 2021

Volume XI, Number 169

Jon J. Olafson

Recognizing that no two businesses and no two employment relationships are the same, for each engagement in which Jon Olafson is involved, he seeks to provide concise and articulate legal counsel that aligns with the client’s business objectives.  As an employment lawyer, he is well aware that company management decisions directly correlate to business decisions, and he remains focused on identifying and advising clients on their options and courses of action that enable them to achieve their management, operational, and fiscal goals.  From the identification of a business need, to the termination of an employee, Jon advises clients on all aspects of their relationships with the work force.  Jon also regularly defends and advises clients in other disputes and he assists clients in instituting appropriate policies and procedures to avoid disputes, comply with both state and federal law, and identify the appropriate resources to meet its goals. To that end, Jon has worked with several state and federal agencies including: 

  • Department of Labor

  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 

  • Federal Aviation Administration 

  • Internal Revenue Service

  • OSHA

While Jon counsels clients in many industries, he has extensive experience and knowledge that allows him to advise clients on unique issues pertaining to certain industries, including: 

  • Aviation and aerospace 

  • Defense and government contracting 

  • Unmanned aerial systems (UAS or drones) 

  • Manufacturing and industrial 

  • Staffing firms 


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