April 8, 2020

Lisa Disselkamp

Lisa Disselkamp is President of Athena Enterprises, a management consulting firm specializing in time and labor management practices and technology. She has written the only two books on time and labor management systems (No Boundaries, John Wiley & Sons Publishing, Inc. 2009 & Working the Clock, Oaklea Press, 2007) and a number of articles and white papers. Lisa is also an advisor to Wall Street analysts, serves on several advisory boards and committees, and is a popular keynote speaker. She collaborates with academic and industry researcher and is leading the industry in developing a professional certification in workforce management technology fundamentals. She graduated magna cum laude from Earlham College with a B.A. in Japanese and International Management. She also attended Iwate Medical University in Morioka, Japan. In 2008 she was recognized as “Smart Woman’s Technology Star” and in 2009 Lisa and her firm, Athena, won the prestigious Top 100 Women and Minority Business Entrepreneurs. 

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