December 5, 2022

Volume XII, Number 339

Steve Simcox

Steve is a trusted legal advisor to individuals, businesses, public entities, and private organizations across the country on regulatory, procurement, and legislative matters. In addition, he represents companies and organizations engaged in the political process. Whether a client’s needs involve a government approval, program, investigation, or funding stream, Steve navigates the maze of committees and agencies to identify opportunities, overcome obstacles, and meet challenges head on. 

Steve advises companies in the beverage, energy, healthcare, technology, and transportation industries on a variety of state and federal regulatory and policy issues. He also focuses his legal practice on state and federal contract and grant opportunities. Additionally, Steve represents business, nonprofits, and individuals engaged in state and federal political activities and causes.

Steve is not regularly admitted to practice in the local courts of the District of Columbia and pursuant to Rule 49 limits his practice in the District of Columbia to lobbying federal agencies and the United States Congress.

Articles in the National Law Review database by Steve Simcox