October 13, 2019

Susan Kohn Ross

Su’s practice focuses on compliance whether dealing with Cybersecurity/Privacy or International Trade. She deals with regulatory, civil and criminal issues. Her clients come to her for assistance to solve current challenges, but also to identify and manage risk.

Wind blowing . . . . sun shining . . . . the distinctive heavy purr of a Harley Davidson engine ringing in the air. This is not a painted image of a leisurely Sunday afternoon drive through the Appalachians. It’s a snapshot of Su Ross heading home from an American Bar Association or other conference . . . . through the Appalachians. Harley Davidson enthusiasts come from all walks of life and Su loves the reaction she gets when people discover she’s one of them.

Su lives by the creed embodied in the famous quote from the legendary motorcycle company, “When writing the story of your life, don’t let someone else hold the pen”. She and her husband, with whom she enjoys these road trip adventures, have clocked thousands of miles traversing the country doing just that. Su regularly speaks at legal and trade association conferences throughout the United States, and enjoys adding spice to the journey by flying to the selected location and returning home on the back of their HOG.

Whether discussing the latest developments on the Yates memo regarding culpability of high-level executives or the difficulties facing import-export companies over the implementation of the Automated Commercial Environment by Homeland Security, you’ll find the appropriate leather gear tucked away in her luggage for the ride home!

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