December 9, 2022

Volume XII, Number 343

High Rise Financial LLC

At High Rise Financial, we take pride in helping our community, and we work hard to provide the best service to our valued clients. Our goal is to help the victims of injuries to play on a level playing field when they’re taking on the insurance companies.

We are dedicated to taking the time to help each of our clients to understand exactly how the process of pre-settlement funding works. Each case is different, so we provide personalized service that goes far beyond an explanation on a website. When a plaintiff chooses to work with us, they will receive professional and courteous service.

High Rise Financial exists to help our clients get peace of mind. We believe in setting realistic expectations and strict funding limits to make sure our services benefit our clients when they need them the most.

We are here to give our clients a little breathing room while their personal injury claim is being settled. One look at High Rise Financial’s Google reviews will show our prospective clients how overwhelmingly positive the response to our services have been. 

Contributing authors from High Rise Financial LLC:

Melissa J. Fleming Pre-Settlement Funding Specialist High Rise Financial
Melissa J. Fleming is a pre-settlement funding specialist who has dedicated her career to helping the plaintiffs in personal injury lawsuits to seek justice. Negotiating fair and adequate...