Defective Highway Design: Personal Injury Post
Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The causes of motor vehicle accidents are many: negligent drivers, slippery roadways, and sometimes, defective highway design. Many people do not realize that improper highway design may have been the cause of a motor vehicle accident. State and local governments, agencies of state or local governments, or municipalities, can however, be held accountable for creating defective and hazardous roadways. A few common hazards are: insufficient ramps to and from highways; improper or absent road signs, and traffic lights or warnings of dangerous conditions.

When you sue a state agency, such as a state Department of Transportation or a local government or municipality, there are certain notice requirements which must be met in order to preserve your right to file a lawsuit. This means that time is of the essence as notice to the state agency or municipality must be made within a specific period of time to ensure that you have the right to proceed against the government entity in a court of law.


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