How to Be More Efficient and Strategic About Your Content Marketing Strategy
Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Create content consistently. Not constantly.

Content marketing is essential to promote your brand and business and to bring in leads today. This is because content gives you an excuse to email someone, host a webinar or create a social media post.

As a professional, you don’t have unlimited time to market yourself, nor should you, and that’s where having a clear, consistent and strategic content marketing process will help you.

You don’t need to be on every social media channel, you only need to be on the ones where your clients and prospects are. Don’t stretch yourself thin.

But you do need to be on LinkedIn today. Here’s how to build your LinkedIn strategy.

You need a content calendar. And a scheduling tool if you post a lot.

And you need to utilize email marketing in addition to using social. I believe in the power of email to convert – there is no better way to reach people directly.

The other thing you don’t need to do is to create new posts every single day.

Having a content calendar will enable you to repurpose your posts. I’ve learned how to turn one article into 12 posts or one webinar into 12 posts. This is how you get smarter about using what you already have.

Remember that nobody is watching your feed, your blog as closely as you, so they don’t remember what you posted, and the algorithm doesn’t push your content to them each time unless they follow you on LinkedIn.

Repurposing what you have is the key to having a successful content marketing and social media strategy today.

But posting or creating content consistently does not mean posting every single day.

You are much better off posting a strong article, social media post or blog post two or three times a week (on the key days and times when your audience is on social media or reading their emails) than something lackluster five times a week.

Successful marketers are also strategic about the time they spend online. They aren’t just creating content – they are also contibuting to building a following that comes to rely on them for helpful information and insights. They are establishing their subject matter authority and their content is helping them build a strong brand that can lead to not only new business but new opportunities such as speaking engagements, media coverage, article writing and board appointments.

To do this, make sure you are engaging with your audience, responding to all comments and building a community. Make sure every single post is designed to help and educate your followers.

You shouldn’t be trying to sell anything outright in your content marketing pieces, including social media posts in my opinion. That should be much more of an underlying message after you provide the value. Or you can work it into the call to action.

Remember create content consistently. Not constantly.


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