April 18, 2021

Volume XI, Number 108


April 16, 2021

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April 15, 2021

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ISO Updates Series of Standards for Nanotechnology

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published a news item on April 1, 2021, entitled “The Science of Tiny Little Things.”  According to the item, ISO has recently made some revisions and updates to its comprehensive 13-part series of International Standards for nanotechnology.  Updated standards include ISO/TS 80004-3Nanotechnologies – Vocabulary – Part 3:  Carbon nano-objects, which defines terms and concepts for carbon nano-objects, ISO/TS 80004-6Nanotechnologies – Vocabulary – Part 6:  Nano-object characterization, and ISO/TS 80004-8Nanotechnologies – Vocabulary – Part 8:  Nanomanufacturing processes.  The item states that work is underway “to develop a standard that will consolidate some of the most fundamental terminology in the series.”  The item lists the following standards that are in the current series:

  • ISO/TS 80004-1Nanotechnologies – Vocabulary – Part 1: Core terms;

  • ISO/TS 80004-2Nanotechnologies – Vocabulary – Part 2: Nano-objects;

  • ISO/TS 80004-4Nanotechnologies  – Vocabulary – Part 4: Nanostructured materials;

  • ISO/TS 80004-5Nanotechnologies – Vocabulary – Part 5: Nano/bio interface;

  • ISO/TS 80004-7Nanotechnologies – Vocabulary – Part 7: Diagnostics and therapeutics for healthcare;

  • ISO/TS 80004-9Nanotechnologies – Vocabulary – Part 9: Nano-enabled electrotechnical products and systems;

  • ISO/TS 80004-11Nanotechnologies – Vocabulary – Part 11: Nanolayer, nanocoating, nanofilm, and related terms;

  • ISO/TS 80004-12Nanotechnologies – Vocabulary – Part 12: Quantum phenomena in nanotechnology; and

  • ISO/TS 80004-13Nanotechnologies – Vocabulary – Part 13: Graphene and related two-dimensional (2D) materials.

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