May 16, 2022

Volume XII, Number 136


May 16, 2022

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May 13, 2022

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Need Your Pay-Per-Click Campaign to Convert? A Sticky Landing Page Is the Key

Your law firm’s website is an investment of resources – time, expense and expertise. Building smart landing pages for your Pay-Per-Click campaign will reap rewards as you convert more prospects.

sticky landing pageA Sticky Landing Page is Consistent

You can improve your law firm’s Web conversion rate by becoming more consistent with your message.

Your PPC campaign should focus on search queries matching your keyword. The same keyword should appear in your ad text. And your landing page – the sticky one you are building – should have relevant content.

So, for example:

I was injured in a car accident, need a lawyer

That is a pretty typical long tail keyword.

My ad would probably be:

Injured In An Accident?
We Help Clients Recover Compensation they Need.
Free Case Consult

Then the landing page is:

A Sticky Landing Page Makes the User Experience Easy

Your PPC or search marketing campaign has attracted a visitor to your site. What does the prospect see on your landing page?

The page should relate clearly to the search engine result, advertisement or clicked link that brought the user to your site. The page should provide enough information to reassure the potential client that he has found the right place while also answering his unasked questions: Is this a reputable website and a real company? Are the lawyers represented here knowledgeable and qualified? Does this firm handle my type of case?

The landing page should give visitors a method to contact your firm in a way that makes them comfortable. Ideally, your site will offer online chat, telephone and email or contact form options. Make sure to balance your marketing push with language that does not hassle the prospect or force him to sign up for a consultation or service he is not yet ready to commit to.

A Sticky Landing Page Answers “What’s In It For Me?”

Many individuals become anxious or nervous when approaching a lawyer to discuss a potential case. Your job is to ensure that the benefits to contacting your firm outweigh the prospective client’s reservations.

Offer a free consultation. Make it clear that no upfront charges will be required. Assure the prospect that your firm protects her rights and that you will fight for the compensation she needs to recover from the problem she has endured.

A Sticky Landing Page Tells the Client, “Let Us Help You”

Take a moment to view the situation from the client’s perspective. Remember our example of the individual looking for an auto accident attorney? From his perspective, life was going pretty well until the accident. Now he has to deal with – this. All of it. The hospital and the repair shop and the insurance company and the police. Pain and inconvenience from injuries. Probably a few nightmares and some anxiety around cars and driving. And now the stress of worrying about a lawsuit and finding the best representation.

Remember that when you consider content for your landing page. What would you want to see there if you were the prospective client?

Probably reassurance. Understanding of the issue and knowledge of what needs to be done next. Tell your visitors that your firm has handled cases like this many times. You know the process, you know what is required to build a case. Count on us to get you out of this mess with the best possible outcome.

A Sticky Landing Page Conveys Urgency

I told you earlier to make the process easy for your prospective client. Avoid pushing too hard.

But that does not mean you should fail to create a sense of urgency. Use language like“Make sure…” and “Don’t wait…” and “Be aware…”.

Plant the idea that the visitor has a risk of loss if she does not take action. Use language that identifies potential problems due to delaying a decision to seek a consultation. Warn of your firm’s inability to offer assistance until the visitor makes contact with you.

A Sticky Landing Page Removes Negative Motivators

It is easy and tempting to add marketing copy that sounds good to someone who works in the legal profession, but which can raise red flags with prospective clients. Avoid promising not to send spam email or indicating that “your email address is safe with us.” Most visitors would not consider these practices without having them pointed out – but pointing them out may cause uneasiness and distrust that could cost you the lead.

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