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Summary of Interest Arbitrators' Awards Since Act 10

Since the major upheaval of Act 10, interest arbitration has still been available to resolve collective bargaining disputes involving public safety employees. Public employers have struggled to balance the “two class” system of general versus public safety employees that was created by Act 10 six years ago. In review of the interest arbitration awards, very few have involved police, firefighters and deputy sheriffs. Included here is a summary of 23 interest arbitration awards issued since Act 10. These interest arbitrators' awards can also be found on the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission’s website.

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Bill Bracken serves as a Research Coordinator for the firm. He assists public employers in complex and sensitive collective bargaining negotiations, interest arbitration and grievance arbitrations. Bill works with cities, school districts, towns, villages and counties.

Bill also assists attorneys in a variety of business and transactional projects, including mergers and acquisitions and property tax assessment appeals. 

Bill is a member of the Wisconsin (WPELRA) and National (NPELRA) Public Employers Labor Relations...

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